Real estate lawyer in Lausanne and in the canton of Vaud

Our firm has lawyers specialized in real estate and construction law, both private and public, and we can assist you in Geneva or Lausanne. They act to protect your interests in all matters relating to real estate, including contracts, settlements and litigation. With several years of experience, our law firm is at your disposal, whether you are an owner, a tenant, a developer… Do not hesitate to ask us for advice for all your real estate law matters in the canton of Vaud.

Real estate law ?

It gathers all the legal texts concerning the real estate, public or private. Thus, the lawyer in real estate law intervenes as well at the level of the construction as of the town planning; he also intervenes in the litigations opposing tenants and lessors as well as in the conflicts of joint ownership, easement, co-ownership… He also acts at the sides of the trade-union associations and the professionals specialized in the real estate.

Law firm specializing in real estate-related disputes and conflicts

Are you looking for a lawyer specialized in real estate law in the canton of Vaud? You should know that our law firm, even if it is not based in Lausanne but in Geneva, intervenes in Morges, Vevey, Montreux, Nyon, Yverdon…

If you are a tenant in your home, you may need a real estate lawyer. For example, your landlord increases your rent for no apparent reason or decides to terminate the lease unexpectedly. If your landlord refuses to carry out work that is essential to the quality of your home, you can also call on the advice of our law firm. We will study your case together and inform you of the steps to take to protect your interests.

Owner ? A real estate lawyer to help you

If you are a landlord, a real estate attorney can help you deal with deadbeat tenants and recover your rent. If a tenant refuses to pay for damage he or she has caused in your home, we can also intervene. In any case, take advice from the experts working in our firm regarding disputes in Lausanne. We will advise you on the steps to be taken and will accompany you in any necessary procedure. Our lawyers can also help you draft and modify leases between you and your tenant.

The lawyers of our firm travel to Lausanne and also accompany you in all your real estate and construction procedures, for example in matters of public procurement, environmental law, etc. It is not always easy to find information from one territory to another and the help of a lawyer is often recommended to complete a project.

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