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Our law firm based in the canton of Vaud as well as in Geneva has developed over the years a rich experience. Our clients are companies as well as individuals. Our firm is composed of several departments and specialties in different branches of law, which allows us to intervene in many fields of expertise.

Our law firm has experts in multiple areas of private and public law. Our skills are thus multiple and allow us to defend your interests in the vast majority of legal cases. Our lawyers use their special knowledge to advise, inform and represent you. They speak several languages and are specialized in Swiss and international law.

The fields of activity of our law firm

Employment law is not always easy to understand, whether you are an employer or an employee. Regardless of the type of dispute in which you find yourself, our specialized lawyers will help you assert your rights, particularly before the labour courts and cantonal labour law authorities.

Employment Lawyer

Victim, civil party or presumed guilty, our law firm represents you before the competent institutions and courts. Specialized in criminal law, our lawyers in Geneva and soon in Vaud are committed to implementing an effective strategy at every stage of the proceedings in which you are involved, from the filing of a complaint, through the various hearings you may be subject to and the trial, to the appeal or possible request for recourse.

Criminal Lawyer

You have a conflict with a tenant who does not pay his rent? Or a problem with a landlord who changes your lease without a valid reason? You have a construction project? Our firm invites you to consult its lawyers specialized in real estate law.

Real Estate Lawyer

The lawyers in our office represent you in most areas of private law. Whether you have a dispute with a neighbor, a family member, an employer, a company, a merchant, a landlord … we act in all areas of everyday life that can cause conflicts between people.

Private law attorney

Company creation, mergers, demergers, liquidations, acquisitions, investments, contracts… Our corporate lawyers will assist you at every stage of your company’s life, whether you are a manager, shareholder, investor or partner. We work as closely as possible to your interests, whether it is to defend them or to advise you from a legal point of view.

Corporate Lawyer

The business world is very regularly in contact with competition law. If you have a conflict with one of your competitors, we can help you to resolve this conflict as quickly as possible.

Competition Lawyer

Whether it is amicable or not, a divorce is often a difficult ordeal to go through and for which it is necessary to be accompanied. Whether you decide to divorce or separate, our divorce lawyers will advise you, inform you and defend your interests and those of your children.

Divorce Lawyer

Rent reduction, rent dispute, release of guarantee, inventory of fixtures on departure.

Asylum law, residence permits, settlement permits, work permits, family reunification, naturalization, short-term employment.

Franchise contract law, consumer credit contract law, vehicle contract law, sales law, telecommunication contract law, agency contract law, public procurement law, loan contract law, travel law, brokerage contract law, corporate contract law and agency law, distribution contract law, computer law.

You wish to contest a fine with your car, motorcycle or bicycle? Did you cause an accident? You have a conflict with another motorist? Our firm can assist you in defending and enforcing your rights.

Disputes are to be decided by the competent court. Our law firm assists you in resolving all types of disputes by first helping you to find an amicable solution. If this is not possible, we will work with you to implement the most appropriate strategy for resolving the legal proceedings, analyzing all the ins and outs, in terms of cost, time and favorable outcome.

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