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The business world is constantly in the grip of competition law. Regardless of the size of the company, they are all concerned by these economic issues that affect both the Swiss and international spheres. Our law firm can assist you with a department specially dedicated to competition law. In this sector, which is constantly changing, we support our clients by providing legal advice or by settling competition law disputes.

Competition law?

Competition law is also called “antitrust” law by the Anglo-Saxons. It sets the rules that govern the relationship between companies and the market. Competition lawyers defend your interests before Swiss, European and even international authorities. Speaking different languages and specialized in these issues such as unfair competition, cartels, intellectual property…, they are perfectly able to advise you upstream and to represent your company before the competent authorities.

Law firm specialized in competition and other disputes

Our law firm holds all the keys to assist you in the various problems you may encounter in the field of competition law in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva.

The rules being more and more drastic, it is above all a question of advising you in order to set up, within your company, a policy of setting in conformity and thus to mitigate any risk. Our competition lawyers can advise you on horizontal agreements, distribution networks, cartels, corporate mergers, etc. This is true both in Switzerland and at the European level.

Litigation: defending your interests

In the event of disputes and litigation, the competition lawyers of our firm will defend your interests before the competition authorities and regulatory bodies. If you are facing proceedings for anti-competitive practices, abuse of a dominant position in the market or any other violation of competition law, we offer you our know-how and skills to assist you in this often difficult period for your company.

We act at your side to protect your trademark and patents and intervene in all matters relating to copyright. As a victim of unfair competition, our lawyers will enforce your rights and help you through this difficult period in the life of your company.

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