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Lawyer for the resolution of disputes in Lausanne and in the canton of Vaud

You are involved in a dispute that requires a legal decision. In this case, you need a lawyer admitted to the bar who will be able to defend your personal interests while acting in accordance with the law. Our law firm is active mainly in Geneva and Lausanne and throughout the canton of Vaud; our firm thus represents you before the competent courts and arbitration bodies. Use attorneys with many years of experience who are committed to resolving the disputes in which you are involved. Confidentiality, attentiveness and efficiency are at the heart of our concerns when implementing any legal strategy. Contact us to establish together the conditions necessary to build a solution that will benefit you.

Dispute resolution?

In law, litigation is a dispute between two or more parties that needs to be decided by a court. It therefore entails legal proceedings for which the help and expertise of a lawyer is recommended in order to represent and defend your personal interests. Disputes may be resolved through the courts, arbitration or mediation. The lawyers of our firm are able to accompany you, whatever the type of litigation that concerns you. They will advise you on the steps to take and help you find a solution that is most favorable to you.

Law firm specialized in dispute resolution: mediation, courts, arbitration

To resolve a dispute, you have several possibilities, which we will study in depth with you.

Before taking any legal action, we first explore amicable dispute resolution solutions with you. A procedure can be costly and time consuming as well as stressful. It can also be completely useless. Depending on your problem, we will first seek a solution to the dispute through mediation and negotiation. Often, once all parties are aware of their rights and obligations, they find common ground.

If no amicable resolution can be found, the matter must now be brought before the competent cantonal courts. First of all, we will assess the risks together and define an action plan taking into account the cost and time issues. Thanks to our experience gained through years of litigation, we will build a strategy to defend your interests and assert your rights to the best of our ability, with the aim of finding a favorable solution to your dispute.

Finally, the lawyers of our Lausanne office are also specialized in litigation arbitration. This alternative dispute resolution method requires recognized expertise, which we have demonstrated in many areas: successions and contracts, competition, companies… Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.

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