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Our law firm represents you before the competent court and defends your interests in criminal matters, whether you are an accused, a civil party or a victim. The role of the lawyer is to defend all Swiss citizens and to provide them with advice and information. This is what the members of our Vaud study are doing. Thanks to their rich and long experience, the lawyers of our firm understand all the stakes of your case and accompany you throughout the procedure, in accordance with legal and ethical rules.

If you need a criminal lawyer to plead your case in Lausanne, Morges, Vevey, Yverdon or Montreux, call our firm, experts in criminal law.

Criminal law?

The criminal law groups together the rules applicable to offences committed by an individual and giving rise to sanctions, provided for by the law. Any act, behaviour or conduct deemed to be anti-social is therefore reprehensible. Criminal law cases involve a defendant and a plaintiff or civil party. The objective of the criminal law is therefore to control behaviors that are considered harmful to society. It participates in maintaining public order and the safety of people and property.

Law firm specialized in all criminal cases

Whether you are a defendant or an injured party, our lawyers represent you and defend your interests before the relevant institutions. We advise you on the steps to take, at any stage of the procedure and whatever your situation.

Thus, as soon as you are heard by the police or the prosecutor, you can request the presence of a lawyer. If you consider yourself a victim, our lawyers in the canton of Vaud will advise you on filing a complaint and any other measure such as an urgent request for removal.

Before the trial, your criminal lawyer will work with you to develop the most effective and appropriate strategy for your case while monitoring the progress of the investigation.

Finally, in the event that you contest the judge’s decision and are subject to a criminal sanction, your lawyer can request an appeal.

You are thus supported from start to finish, and benefit from the advice of experienced criminal lawyers who are used to defending all types of cases.

Because a trial is a real ordeal, difficult, often long, always trying, your lawyer is there to listen to you and meet with you regularly. The human relationship is at the heart of our concerns, because we are aware of the pressure that both the defendants and the injured parties are under.

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