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Do you have a problem that requires the help of a lawyer specialized in private law? Call on our study active in all the cantons of Vaud and Geneva. Whatever the conflict you are dealing with, we advise you and defend your interests before the competent administrative authorities. There are many reasons to call on a lawyer; do not hesitate to contact us so that together we can find a legal solution to your dispute.

Private law?

Private law covers all the laws that govern the relationships between people. The objective of private law is to guarantee the interests of individuals in situations that fall within the domain of justice. It therefore includes many different branches: personal and family law, inheritance law, tenancy law, civil liability, commercial law, etc.

Law firm specialized in the resolution of private law disputes

There are times in life when you may need a lawyer. Individuals, natural persons or legal entities, can call upon the assistance of a legal professional to arbitrate and resolve a conflict. Several situations may arise and, for each of them, our firm puts you in touch with a specialized lawyer.

We intervene in many fields of private law.

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