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The life of a company is never a long quiet river. Managers, partners, investors and shareholders have relationships that are essential to the health of a company. These may be the subject of disputes or litigation and it is a matter of defending the interests of each party for the lawyers in our Lausanne office who specialize in corporate law. With a solid experience in the world of business, taxation and corporate law, they will be able to advise you and accompany you at every stage of your company’s life.

Corporate law ?

Corporate law governs the life of a company at each of its constituent stages, i.e. from its creation to its liquidation, sale or transfer, including restructuring. Acquisitions and mergers also fall within the scope of our lawyers’ expertise in this area of law. Legal advice is also fundamental to the smooth running of any company. Here again, our department is at your service.

Firm specialized in legal advice for companies, from their creation to their liquidation

The lawyers of our firm can travel to Lausanne and advise companies in corporate law since their creation. Founding a company requires certain in-depth knowledge of Swiss law in order to make any activity sustainable. We inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of each status, the type of shares and the amount of capital. We also assist you in the drafting of contracts and articles of association of your company while establishing all the necessary agreements, whether on the side of the shareholders or the partners.

We also put all our competences at your service within the framework of a company acquisition in the canton of Vaud or in Switzerland. Transformation, demerger and restructuring can also lead you to resort to a lawyer specialized in corporate law.

Transfer and sale of a company

The department of our law firm specialized in this field also advises you in your actions of liquidation, transfer or sale of a company.

We contribute to the development of your company, participate in the good relations between managers, partners and shareholders, defend your interests in case of liquidation or takeover and represent you in case of litigation.

Do not hesitate to contact our office for further information on corporate law.

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